Paisley Kirkpatrick on a Musey Sea Voyage

A few days ago I talked to my good friend Paisley Kirkpatrick about doing a guest blog about her new release in The Paradise Pines series, Forever After. Little did I know what fun I’d unleash.  As authors we always seem to carry on conversations with our characters. Paisley not only talks to them, but apparently takes them on cruises with her! Before I give away too much, here’s Paisley and Marinda floating on the seas of adventure and love.



Paradise Pines

Book Three

Forever After


Paisley Kirkpatrick


Desert Breeze Publishing



Marinda grabbed the copy of Forever After off her bedside table and left her stateroom. The day was warm and perfect for the temporary freedom. She grabbed a wide hat and left for a few hours of sun.

”Good afternoon,” a woman on deck said.

Marinda nodded and sat on a deck chair next to her. A shock rammed through to her toes. The woman was pictured on the back of her novel. ”Um, excuse me, but are you Paisley Kirkpatrick, the author who wrote Forever After?”

The woman stopped writing in her tablet and smiled. ”Yes, I am. Have we met?”

Marinda covered her mouth and giggled. ”We haven’t exactly met, but we do know each other quite well. I’m Marinda.”

”Marinda? I am sorry, but the only Marinda I know is a character in a book I wrote.”

”Yes, I know. I am that Marinda. Marinda Benjamin.”

”No, you’re nothing like the Marinda I wrote about.”

Marinda ripped off her hat, letting her long blond hair cascade down her back.

The author gasped. ”You are Marinda! How did you escape from the pages?”

”You should know. You are my creator and a great storyteller.”

Paisley reached out and ran her finger of Marinda’s her cheek. ”You’re part of my imagination, aren’t you?” She pulled back and stared. ”Pardon me, but I’ve never met one of my characters in person before.”

”It’s all right. I feel a bit strange about being free of the Kindle. I’m not sure exactly what an ebook is, but it does get crowded in there. I hope you don’t mind, but while I’m free I have a few questions.”

”Of course. I guess after all the royalty checks I’ve cashed, I owe you at least that much.”

”How do you know what to do with us? I mean, your ideas have to come from somewhere?”

Paisley snickered. ”Yes, well I’m not quite sure where the main plot ideas come from, but once an idea forms, I draw on my past experiences and put them in story form. I use you and the other characters to tell my stories.”

”I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but some of those ideas come from me. You must realize the voices you hear aren’t some frivolous words created by your so-called muse. I give you very good ideas, but you don’t always follow them.”

Paisley sat up. ”Now, wait just a minute…”

Marinda was on a roll now. She wiggled her finger back and forth in front of Paisley’s face. ”And, I’d like to know where Ethan came from. What a stuffed shirt. Do you realize it took over half the book for him to relax?”

She leaned closer to Paisley. ”Which one of us do you like the best? Huh? My sister Amalie or me?”

”Are you done?”

Marinda pulled back. ”I’m sorry. I usually give you the silent treatment when you ignore me, but now that we’re face to face, I guess I got carried away.”

”Yes, well, I apologize, too. I am used to rejection, but I never expected it from you, Marinda. You are the sweet sister, not the one with the mouth. I left that job to Amalie.”

”Why did she get all the good lines?”

Paisley chuckled. ”It’s nothing against you, Marinda. You can blame my great grandmother. She wasn’t nice to me when I was a child and I found my revenge in Night Angel.” She shook her head. ”You have to admit though, your story had more words than hers and you did find your forever-after kind of hero.”

”Yes, and here he comes looking for me.” Marinda stood. As she left to meet her man, she turned and left with a word of advice. ”The next time you have silence in your head, pick something besides The Phantom of the Opera to get us to talk. Butler is a hunk, but he’s not Bubba.”  


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