Yes, we’re here today to talk about temptation! Hide the grannies and put Disney Channel on for the young’uns, because it’s about to get deep up in here. Cough, cough. Sorry my televangelist voice took over for a minute, but temptation is the oldest and best story device known to man and woman. It’s something no matter your sex, race or creed, we can all agree happens and sometimes takes over our lives.

Think I’m wrong? Well, let’s examine the evidence. The Serpent convinced Eve she wanted what God told her she couldn’t have, and as a result we’re all on a limited engagement on old planet earth. Cain wanted Abel’s glory, and as a result of not getting it, murder runs rampant all over the earth. Doesn’t stop there. David wanted Bathsheba, and her innocent hubby lost his life. Solomon wanted the Queen of Sheba, and…

Well, you get the picture. The point is as humans we are tempted everyday by something. Tempted to glance at the hot member of the opposite sex standing in line next to us at the grocery store. Tempted to eat an ice cream cone that’ll drive our blood sugar through the roof. Even the love of your life can tempt you from doing what needs to be done to spend a day of bliss with her. Think, Brad Paisley said it best. Time Well Wasted.

That is what writing is as its heart. Temptation of the highest order. The whole process is wrapped up in tempting interludes. The writer is tempted to let his imagination unfold. The characters are tempted at every turn of the screw. Eventually the reader is tempted to stay up all night to get to an acceptable ‘The End’.

Seriously, temptation is the only reason to write. An author’s imagination might get them arrested, divorced or excommunicated in the real world, but releasing it on paper eliminates the need to hire a lawyer or change denominations. Writing is a mood stabilizer. It allows your brain to eject the swirling thoughts that call it home into a less chaotic explanation of our environment and ultimately who we are. Just remember that next time you’re reading a book, you are essentially a voyeur into an author’s fantasy. Does that scare you a bit? A lot? Sometimes it should. There’s a lot of freaky deaky out there, but we all hold some inside us. The temptation to go to the Dark Side always exists and sometimes letting it out is a good thing, depending on the scope of the story. Thing is, too many people give in to the temptation of the darkness for shock’s sake and not to enhance the flow of the story. Then again, depending on your audience, that might exactly be what the situation calls for.

Aside from my overuse of the word temptation, I hope you have been able to take something constructive out of this. Maybe an urge to write down those fantasies you’ve kept locked in or better yet, go check out someone else’s. Hey I’ve got a few out there worth examining in detail. Not saying those are your only two options. What I am saying is allow yourself to be tempted to be as amazing as you can be.

Then what a wonderful world it would be.

Stole that last bit from Sam Cooke, but only because it’s true. So let’s go out there and let temptation make a wonderful world because we’re in it.

Wishing you all an amazing week full of love and happiness. And of course, Happy Reading!

Til next week,




One thought on “Temptation!

  1. I did enter your world by reading your books. They are delightful and did fill my head with new thoughts and ways of writing. Thank you for being so creative and sharing your talent.

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