I’s Been Tagged!

Gail Delaney was nice enough to include me in her Blog Hop. Well, sweet talked me into it. Promise of cookies, I believe were spoken of, or my brain just mentioned cookies and I latched onto the idea. Either way, I want cookies. Oreos would be nice or homemade chocolate chip and walnut cookies. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Gail sent me four questions that would let you, my readers, know a little bit more about me. Like I don’t spill my guts here on a regular basis anyway. Any Hoo, here are four things about me and my writing you might not know. Before we get to me, check out Gail’s answers on her blog. Click on her name and there you go. Gail Delaney, who just so happens to write some amazing Science Fiction when she isn’t tagging me to do these blogs.

1) What are you working on?

Now? A farmer’s tan from working in the yard. Oh, you mean writing. I’m in the process of finishing the second book in my Scrolls of Eternity series, Storms of Chaos. In the first book, Rebirth, I introduced Patrick Hughes and his alter ego, Horus, son of Osiris. After defeating Sutekh, the Egyptian god of evil, Patrick now has to deal with an invasion from Asgard. This book ups the danger and the fun. Not only is Patrick fighting Woden, himself, but he’s got Thor, Loki, and the Migard Serpent to tackle. Things are definitely getting interesting for my favorite superhero. Maybe, a little too interesting.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre?

A genuine love for superheroes, and over thirty-five years of experience in the genre. Aside from that, I’m a superhero myself. No, really I am. Super Jmo, able to leap missed deadlines in a single bound.

3) Why Do you Write What You Write?

The answer is so simple, I hate to say it. I write what I do because I love what I write. I don’t try to be more than I am. I never jump into genres I know nothing about. The old adage rings true. Write what you know. I make an addendum to that. Write first and foremost what you love. When you do, it shows and your readers have as much fun reading your books as you do writing them.

4)How Does Your Process Work?

Not very well. I’m easily distracted. That said, my distractions often lead to some great ideas that I turn into parts of my book. Seriously, they do. I believe when you take the time to read my books, you will see I spend a lot of time watching History Channel, especially Ancient Aliens. I am also an avid reader of just about anything. Life experiences are the best muses, even if you live them vicariously through television and history books. So I advise you to take a wandering path in your writing. Sometimes it ends up to be the right one to take.

Okay that’s me this week, but before I wander off, I am about to introduce you to three friends, who also happen to be amazing writers. This is also me nominating them to continue this Blogging-o-fun. Check out their blogs and see how they answer their four questions. Go out on a limb and find something new and exciting waiting for you.

Have a great week and Happy Reading!

Jordan Bollinger, I grew up reading classic mysteries and watching ‘film noir’. All I wanted was to grab a gat and go on adventures with Phillip Marlow or Sam Spade. Mom and Dad were all right with my insistence on switching from French to Russian in high school, even if the counselor wasn’t amused with my reason – I needed Russian if I was going to be an international spy. They were even okay with teaching me to shoot. However, they frowned on me spending time in smoky bars with fast guys or shady characters. By dreaming up my own adventures, I could live vicariously without the worry of being grounded. Those fantasy worlds led me to writing down all those stories swirling around in my head. So get ready world. Bollinger, Jordan Bollinger is here to sweep you off your heartstrings one bullet at a time.


Internationally known author, Grace Augustine, grew up in Northern Montana. Her current project, The Acorn Hills Series, features a close group of friends, life issues and romance for the over 50 crowd. Books 1 & 2 of the series are available for sale through Createspace, Amazon, and Kindle. Book 3 of the series and a holiday novella will be available in mid November. Grace lives in central Iowa and is a part time floral designer.


JANET W. BUTLER couldn’t decide whether to be a musician or a writer … so she’s elected to do both. After earning her degree in Music Theory from Roosevelt University, she married a percussionist, had a couple of babies, sang in a madrigal group, discovered the world of opera choruses … and scribbled stories, something she’s been obsessive about since the age of ten. Presently a member of Catholic Writers Guild, she counts among two of her biggest thrills winning the Golden Heart in 1998 for her traditional romance, RAINMAN’S BRIDE, and both serving as vocal coach and singing the role of Mother Abbess in a local production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC in the spring of 2001. Formerly of the western suburbs of Chicago, she’s a transplant to northeast Indiana at present, where she lives with her husband, Patrick, daughter, Jessica, and Cassie and Gilbert, SRC (Spoiled Rotten Cats).



One thought on “I’s Been Tagged!

  1. You write not only interesting stories but interesting and fun characters who captivate your readers. I should know — I’ve read most of them and am on my own journey of finishing all of them. 🙂

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