Were Love Ends, or Does it?

This is the end.


Or, should I say this is The Happily Ever After?


Both are probably true. Were Love Finds You is the last in my Southern Werewolf Chronicles. Way back when, I wanted to tell a love story in three parts. I honestly didn’t see the story going much further because nobody wants to know about the everyday life that comes after an author gives you the mythical ‘And, they lived happily ever after’.


Were Three is the sum of all its parts, those parts being the first two Southern Werewolf Chronicles. Again, if I travel back to when Were Love Blooms started, I didn’t have my Love Bites series. I didn’t see the interconnected world that would exist between my werewolves and vampires. I didn’t grasp that both would exist in a greater world where mythology was reality, a reality born of watching one too many episodes of Ancient Aliens and way too much History Channel in general. So, by the time Were the Moon Don’t Shine came about, these two series were too closely linked for one not to affect the other.


I knew before going into this book I had three different agendas to deal with.


First and foremost, I had to resolve the cliffhanger I left hanging at the end of Moon Shines. I sort of like that,– moonshines. Snicker. Back to where I was. Naomi had to come out of Madison’s head. We in the south embrace our crazy, but we don’t encourage it to take total control. Okay, maybe we do, but we don’t want the rest of the world knowing that.


Secondly, I needed to bring together some elements I’d inadvertently introduced in Bite the Neck that Loves You, or Bite Marks Two, in Were Three so the whole thing would start making sense. I’d like to apologize yet again, but due to writer’s block on Were Love Finds You, Bite Marks Two came out first, so the whole thing became out of sequence. So, Madison and the rest of the gang had become drawn into the growing Vampire War with the Fallen. My misstep gave me the perfect plot element I needed to drive the story of Madison’s return, or not return, and bring Southern Were to a satisfying close. No spoilers here folks. You’ll have to read the book to find out all the juicy details.


What? I forgot something? Oh yeah. The third thing. I needed to get Madison hitched. That might be a spoiler, but hey, there’s a preacher on the cover, so you had to see matrimony coming. The point is, their story was coming to not an end but an imagination laden beginning left up to the readers to fill in once I typed ‘The End’ and shipped it off to my editor.



For now, my visit into Madison’s life is over. Did I accomplish what I set out to do when I started Were Love Blooms? Let’s see. I told a story I consider well written. The characters felt real and alive to me. When I typed the last sentences of Were Love Finds You, I felt satisfied, but sad too. Sad, because it had come to an end. For happy or sad, the story had played itself out to its natural conclusion. An author couldn’t hope for anything less. But…


Does a story ever truly ever end in an author’s head? I have basically lived with Madison talking to me for seven years. Most marriages don’t last that long. I was working on a blog for another site Friday and sure enough, Madison spoke to me. Whispering a tidbit from her new life. I have to say, I was most intrigued by the things she tickled in my ear. So, maybe the Southern Werewolf Chronicles are over, but that isn’t to say Madison’s story is. Who knows? As age and experience work on me, and time allows, she may get another book, or three. Life is like that. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, a twist sends you in another more interesting direction.


For now, I invite you to either try Southern Werewolf for the first time, or take the last ride on Madison’s crazy train, if you’ve already tried the series. Either way, I hope you have as much fun reading these books as I had writing them.


Were 3 final


The Southern Werewolf Chronicles

Book Three

Were Love Finds You

By J. Morgan


Desert Breeze Publishing


Y’all are cordially invited to the wedding of the century.

Madison Lee has been through the ringer over the past year. She discovered she’s a werewolf. Family she never knew existed landed on her doorstep. Her fiancé, Nicholi, has been kidnapped.

If she can survive a sudden outbreak of spilt-personality, Vampires dying to kill her, and assorted hired killers and long lost relatives showing up uninvited, oh, and an old girlfriend of Nicholi’s who may or may not be trying to steal her man, her life might just work out.

Whoever said being a Southern Deb lied. Being one, just makes it easier to deal with the crap her life had become. With her head held high, Madison is bound and determined to plan the perfect wedding. She dares anyone to come between her and the I dos she’s waited her whole life to hear.


Jerking free of Beulah’s grip on me, I twisted my body and leapt on the table. Platters of eggs, bacon, and something my nose informed me was molasses went flying into the air, as my feet touched down. The stick thingies attached to the soles of my shoes cracked off and went rocketing toward the wall behind me. Good riddance. My ankles were killing me, and I was better off without them. Plus, since I was without my fangs and claws, the splintered ends would make excellent weapons.

“Madison!” I ignored Nicholi’s howl. He could expect me to get back to him as soon as I wrapped up this slab of skank.

Letting out a growl from deep inside my throat, I attempted to drown out the voices screeching behind me. Mentally, I added them to the list. They allowed her in, too. The growl died in my throat, as I heard Madison snickering from her prison. Her snide asides I would not take.

“I think she’s lost it.” I swung my head around to see Jessica calmly eating a slice of bacon.

“Shut up, Jess.” Nicholi pushed her away from the table. “Can’t you see she has…” He pursed his lips. “Uh, well, lost it.”

Et tu, Nicholi?

Again, ignoring them. My full attention had focused on the female in front of me. How dare she sit there with her perfect creamy mocha skin, toned physique and a face Halle Berry would slit a throat to have. Worse than that. She was throwing off enough pheromones to seduce a football team. I bet she would have liked it, too. Taking advantage of my poor Saints and my mate. Baring my teeth, I let her know how I felt about all her perfectness sitting at my kitchen table.

“Yes?” Wiping a napkin in the corner of my mouth, she had the nerve to smile at me.

“This is my house!” I snarled.

“I believe it is.” She calmly set her napkin on the table.

I jabbed a finger toward Nicholi. “That is mine, also. Not yours. Mine!”

“I think your brother explained your relationship to the European Paxus to me as well.” The wench plucked a piece of bacon from her plate and daintily took a nibble from it. “Is there anything else you would like to mark as yours before we introduce ourselves?”

I scrunched up my face, and tried to think of something. “Everything else is mine too.” There I believe I covered it all nicely.

“Good.” She clapped her hands, sending bacon raining into the air. “Now, that we have that settled, my name is Hildie Kingston. I’m the bitch your brother sent to protect your psychotic ass.”

“I’m Madison.” I resisted the urge to flick my ear with my big toe and scurry away. Something told me I had not acted in an altogether Human manner.

“Yep, I got it.” Hildie, if that was her real name, scowled at the fragment of bacon left in her hand. Shrugging, she glanced to Father. “Could you explain to me again who I’m suppose to be protecting? Her or the rest of the world from her?”


Available now


Desert Breeze Publishing









You can also find it and all my books from any of the online bookstores you frequent. Til next week, have a great one and happy reading!



One thought on “Were Love Ends, or Does it?

  1. Out of all your stories this series is my all-time favorite. It sort of gave me that ‘Southern’ feeling and how y’all live in your beautiful part of the country. Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment in these books. Hurry up and write some more…I am a very impatient woman! 😉

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