No Blog but I brought a painting

This weekend I just had no words in me. I had several, but nothing note worthy enough to slap on the Darkside. What can I say? My other muse took over. No, not the napping one. Okay, the napping one, but my other muse had some say in my weekend. I’ve been working on a painting for my wife for the past couple of weekends. She wanted a portrait of our two puppies. Someone was nice enough to give me a canvas, so I thought, why not? Her giving me the stink eyes of death helped make up my mind too.

So if you came here expecting words, I’m sorry, but I hope a view into my other creative outlet will hold you over until next week. It’s still a work in progress. Hope that doesn’t kill the illusion that Bob Ross put in everyone’s heads that paintings can be done in a PBS hour or less. And, no happy trees. Again, sorry.

paco and max painting

Wishing everyone a Happy Week and of course, Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “No Blog but I brought a painting

  1. How amazing your dogs are so well trained they sat still long enough for you to paint them. Very intelligent look in Paco’s eyes, but Maxie looks a wee bit doubtful she will be let go to play.

    Your talents are never ending. This is a great tribute to your talent and a wonderful gift to your wife. 🙂

  2. Deb says:

    You need to give painting lessons…I’ll be first in line.

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