Were Love Ends, or Does it?

This is the end.


Or, should I say this is The Happily Ever After?


Both are probably true. Were Love Finds You is the last in my Southern Werewolf Chronicles. Way back when, I wanted to tell a love story in three parts. I honestly didn’t see the story going much further because nobody wants to know about the everyday life that comes after an author gives you the mythical ‘And, they lived happily ever after’.


Were Three is the sum of all its parts, those parts being the first two Southern Werewolf Chronicles. Again, if I travel back to when Were Love Blooms started, I didn’t have my Love Bites series. I didn’t see the interconnected world that would exist between my werewolves and vampires. I didn’t grasp that both would exist in a greater world where mythology was reality, a reality born of watching one too many episodes of Ancient Aliens and way too much History Channel in general. So, by the time Were the Moon Don’t Shine came about, these two series were too closely linked for one not to affect the other.


I knew before going into this book I had three different agendas to deal with.


First and foremost, I had to resolve the cliffhanger I left hanging at the end of Moon Shines. I sort of like that,– moonshines. Snicker. Back to where I was. Naomi had to come out of Madison’s head. We in the south embrace our crazy, but we don’t encourage it to take total control. Okay, maybe we do, but we don’t want the rest of the world knowing that.


Secondly, I needed to bring together some elements I’d inadvertently introduced in Bite the Neck that Loves You, or Bite Marks Two, in Were Three so the whole thing would start making sense. I’d like to apologize yet again, but due to writer’s block on Were Love Finds You, Bite Marks Two came out first, so the whole thing became out of sequence. So, Madison and the rest of the gang had become drawn into the growing Vampire War with the Fallen. My misstep gave me the perfect plot element I needed to drive the story of Madison’s return, or not return, and bring Southern Were to a satisfying close. No spoilers here folks. You’ll have to read the book to find out all the juicy details.


What? I forgot something? Oh yeah. The third thing. I needed to get Madison hitched. That might be a spoiler, but hey, there’s a preacher on the cover, so you had to see matrimony coming. The point is, their story was coming to not an end but an imagination laden beginning left up to the readers to fill in once I typed ‘The End’ and shipped it off to my editor.



For now, my visit into Madison’s life is over. Did I accomplish what I set out to do when I started Were Love Blooms? Let’s see. I told a story I consider well written. The characters felt real and alive to me. When I typed the last sentences of Were Love Finds You, I felt satisfied, but sad too. Sad, because it had come to an end. For happy or sad, the story had played itself out to its natural conclusion. An author couldn’t hope for anything less. But…


Does a story ever truly ever end in an author’s head? I have basically lived with Madison talking to me for seven years. Most marriages don’t last that long. I was working on a blog for another site Friday and sure enough, Madison spoke to me. Whispering a tidbit from her new life. I have to say, I was most intrigued by the things she tickled in my ear. So, maybe the Southern Werewolf Chronicles are over, but that isn’t to say Madison’s story is. Who knows? As age and experience work on me, and time allows, she may get another book, or three. Life is like that. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, a twist sends you in another more interesting direction.


For now, I invite you to either try Southern Werewolf for the first time, or take the last ride on Madison’s crazy train, if you’ve already tried the series. Either way, I hope you have as much fun reading these books as I had writing them.


Were 3 final


The Southern Werewolf Chronicles

Book Three

Were Love Finds You

By J. Morgan


Desert Breeze Publishing


Y’all are cordially invited to the wedding of the century.

Madison Lee has been through the ringer over the past year. She discovered she’s a werewolf. Family she never knew existed landed on her doorstep. Her fiancé, Nicholi, has been kidnapped.

If she can survive a sudden outbreak of spilt-personality, Vampires dying to kill her, and assorted hired killers and long lost relatives showing up uninvited, oh, and an old girlfriend of Nicholi’s who may or may not be trying to steal her man, her life might just work out.

Whoever said being a Southern Deb lied. Being one, just makes it easier to deal with the crap her life had become. With her head held high, Madison is bound and determined to plan the perfect wedding. She dares anyone to come between her and the I dos she’s waited her whole life to hear.


Jerking free of Beulah’s grip on me, I twisted my body and leapt on the table. Platters of eggs, bacon, and something my nose informed me was molasses went flying into the air, as my feet touched down. The stick thingies attached to the soles of my shoes cracked off and went rocketing toward the wall behind me. Good riddance. My ankles were killing me, and I was better off without them. Plus, since I was without my fangs and claws, the splintered ends would make excellent weapons.

“Madison!” I ignored Nicholi’s howl. He could expect me to get back to him as soon as I wrapped up this slab of skank.

Letting out a growl from deep inside my throat, I attempted to drown out the voices screeching behind me. Mentally, I added them to the list. They allowed her in, too. The growl died in my throat, as I heard Madison snickering from her prison. Her snide asides I would not take.

“I think she’s lost it.” I swung my head around to see Jessica calmly eating a slice of bacon.

“Shut up, Jess.” Nicholi pushed her away from the table. “Can’t you see she has…” He pursed his lips. “Uh, well, lost it.”

Et tu, Nicholi?

Again, ignoring them. My full attention had focused on the female in front of me. How dare she sit there with her perfect creamy mocha skin, toned physique and a face Halle Berry would slit a throat to have. Worse than that. She was throwing off enough pheromones to seduce a football team. I bet she would have liked it, too. Taking advantage of my poor Saints and my mate. Baring my teeth, I let her know how I felt about all her perfectness sitting at my kitchen table.

“Yes?” Wiping a napkin in the corner of my mouth, she had the nerve to smile at me.

“This is my house!” I snarled.

“I believe it is.” She calmly set her napkin on the table.

I jabbed a finger toward Nicholi. “That is mine, also. Not yours. Mine!”

“I think your brother explained your relationship to the European Paxus to me as well.” The wench plucked a piece of bacon from her plate and daintily took a nibble from it. “Is there anything else you would like to mark as yours before we introduce ourselves?”

I scrunched up my face, and tried to think of something. “Everything else is mine too.” There I believe I covered it all nicely.

“Good.” She clapped her hands, sending bacon raining into the air. “Now, that we have that settled, my name is Hildie Kingston. I’m the bitch your brother sent to protect your psychotic ass.”

“I’m Madison.” I resisted the urge to flick my ear with my big toe and scurry away. Something told me I had not acted in an altogether Human manner.

“Yep, I got it.” Hildie, if that was her real name, scowled at the fragment of bacon left in her hand. Shrugging, she glanced to Father. “Could you explain to me again who I’m suppose to be protecting? Her or the rest of the world from her?”


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No Blog but I brought a painting

This weekend I just had no words in me. I had several, but nothing note worthy enough to slap on the Darkside. What can I say? My other muse took over. No, not the napping one. Okay, the napping one, but my other muse had some say in my weekend. I’ve been working on a painting for my wife for the past couple of weekends. She wanted a portrait of our two puppies. Someone was nice enough to give me a canvas, so I thought, why not? Her giving me the stink eyes of death helped make up my mind too.

So if you came here expecting words, I’m sorry, but I hope a view into my other creative outlet will hold you over until next week. It’s still a work in progress. Hope that doesn’t kill the illusion that Bob Ross put in everyone’s heads that paintings can be done in a PBS hour or less. And, no happy trees. Again, sorry.

paco and max painting

Wishing everyone a Happy Week and of course, Happy Reading!

Were Love Continues: A Southern Werewolf Blog

Love ain’t easy!

No truer words were ever spoken. If that’s the case why do we rush out like fools in search of it? Why do we watch endless hours of tv and movies about it? Why do we read books exalting it as the end all be all of existence? I mean really. Usually, we would back off of something that caused that much grief. People quit jobs every day that are nowhere as hard as love can be. If you think about it, I think you know the answer.

Love is worth it!

In previous blogs, I’ve said that Romance novels at times fail to paint an accurate picture of what love is all about. I know as an author I don’t. None of my books even come close. Hey, I have Vampires, Werewolves and you name it as characters. I don’t strive for reality. I strive to present an honest presentation of what love means. Besides, who wants to read about the mundane miseries love can cause? I don’t. But, when the idea for the Southern Werewolf Chronicles popped into my head, I wanted to show something close enough to the truth that wasn’t all depressing about the subject, because I think we all get the idea from our daily lives. Love ain’t easy.

No, I wanted to get to the heart of the matter. Once you find love, what would you do to keep it? You know, without being all stalkerish about it. I mean a mutual expression of love between two people. Let’s hypothesize that you have found the love of your life. Through a few dates, you both see no other person can fill the void your lives have been up to that point. The ‘I love yous’ have been said and meant. You’ve met their family, and they’ve met yours. Well, most of them because everyone has a crazy uncle or aunt nobody wants to parade out for public consumption. The date may be set and all that. Life being what it is, things rarely run smoothly. Crap happens. It’s another one of those true things that you hear about all the time.

That said, how far would you go to keep love in your life?

I wanted that question to be the basis for the second book in The Southern Werewolf Chronicles. How far would you go? To the ends of the earth? Across the street? What would you do to save the person you loved most in the world? I wanted Madison to face that question head on and act on it. I think it’s a question everyone should consider before laying down the til death do us part.

Since, I’m not exactly writing about normal everyday folks, I couldn’t go all everyday about it. In retrospect, Were The Moon Don’t Shine, is my homage to the soap operas my mom sat and watched when I was a kid. You had your tall dark hero, Nicholi. The home town girl that everyone loves and wants to be, Madison. The mysterious woman who claims to be said hero’s sister, Jessica. She’s also the one the audience would love to hate if this was indeed a soap opera. I even have a soap opera worthy plot. Our manly hero disappears without a trace. That means our heroine and this new femme fatale must team up to go in search of him. There’s even a subplot racing through the book. Madison has to plan a wedding without a groom around. She doesn’t even know if her groom of choice is still alive! Like something so trivial would stop a true Southern Deb.

Again with this series, I continue my love affair with the world I grew up in. Soap operas were a big part of my formative years. The world came to a complete stop between the hours of ‘Young and the Restless’ and ‘Edge of Night’. This was way before DVR, so there was some major channel flipping going on depending on how evil Ericka Kane was getting on ‘All My Children’. The point I guess I’m trying to get at is I grew up surrounded by hopeless romantics. The women in my life weren’t only strong and more than able to take care of themselves, but they knew the value of love. Through osmosis, they passed those things down to me.

The Southern Werewolf Chronicles isn’t just a homage to the South. It’s a three book thank you note to my mom, my grandmothers, my aunts, and of course my wife. Without the influence of these women, I would not be the man I am today. So, as you delve between the pages of these books, you’ll see not only the things I love but the women I love. Madison isn’t just my wife. She’s the sum total of all the women who have been a big part of my life.

Before I sign off this week, I want to send a big thank you to my Momma, Nana, Maw Maw Brown, Aunt Evelyn, Aunt Doris, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Judy, Aunt Lou, Aunt Dot, and so many more that I know I’m forgetting. You are the women I always picture in my head when I think of strong Southern Belles. You are the women who helped me give birth to Madison. More importantly, you are the women who loved me and taught me the meaning of the word.

To those of you who are no longer here with us, you are forever a part of my heart and now immortal in my favorite creation, Madison Eugenia Lee.


The Southern Werewolf Chronicles

Book Two

Were the Moon Don’t Shine

By J. Morgan

Available From

Desert Breeze Publishing


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in Ebook


And Print



Madison Lee thought she had finally gotten the fairy tale ending she’s always wanted. That was book one.

Now, Nicholi, her Prince Werewolf Charming, has been kidnapped, and her perfect wedding is slowly slipping through her fingers. With her mate missing and his irritating sister, Jessica, under foot, there’s only one thing to do. Find his furry butt and make the snotwads responsible pay. Southern Debs, even furry ones, don’t get mad. They get even!

With her brother Jonas and Jessica along for the ride, she’s off to Milan to get her man back. Who cares that said rescue mission also coincides with Bridal Fashion week? As a woman of refined sensibilities, Madison is no stranger to multitasking. Locating the perfect wedding gown and her groom — no brainer.

Coming out of this mess alive? Now, that’s going to be the hard part.

Were it All Began: A Southern Werewolf Blog

It all started with a line. I know that is stating the obvious, but it’s true. Back in 2007, I’d just begun my writing career in earnest. My first book had been published and my second was due out in April, so I thought I knew what I was doing. Back then, I was big on first lines. First lines were gateways to adventures. Still are, but that’s beside the point.


Where was I? Oh, yeah. So anyway, I had two books started already. One would go on to be Mis-Staked, published by Champagne Books, and the other was only a chapter or two of a book titled Immortally Yours, now, published by Desert Breeze publishing. I mean with two books more or less kicking my butt, why would I even entertain thoughts of starting a third, not to mention I had edits coming on the book coming out in April. Yep, I’m a glutton for punishment. Least I was in those days. I’ve learned my lesson on multiple books at the same time, tyvm.


But, this line was so intoxicating, I couldn’t let it go. I mean, it floored me with all the possibilities that went along with it. I knew right away it was going to be a paranormal romance. As I stared at the line, I saw a Southern Belle uttering the line. In fact, it was my wife’s voice echoing in my head.


“Not to sound totally insane, but how much wax does it take to do a bikini line when you’re a freaking werewolf?”


Not to say she’s hairy or a werewolf, but it was so a thing she would say. I had my heroine, but how did she become a werewolf? I’ve lived in the south my whole life and werewolves weren’t exactly common place. Goth kids in vampire makeup you could see everywhere. Tripped over them at the mall, Walmart. You name it. Werewolves? Not so much.


Then it hit me. What if lycanthropy was a sexually transmitted disease? That insane thought gave me the how. My heroine, who I named Madison, was rich and had gone on a vacation to Europe. She somehow got lost and ended up in Transylvania. Still, with me? Good, I know I’m hitting you with a lot of back story, but the biggest part of writing is getting to know your story and characters. I sat in my recliner living this back story in my head for a few minutes and fell in love with Mads. She is my wife so it was kind of easy.


Lost in Transylvania demanded a tall dark mysterious man. And, Nicholi Grant was born, or created rather. Madison, being who she had gradually become in my head, would have no problem having zee roll in zee hay with a tall dark mysterious stranger with the devilish good looks of Gerry Butler. My good friend Paisley Kirkpatrick made me say that, but it’s true. Nicholi does sort of remind me of him.


I had my first line, a Southern Belle and a mysterious one night stand who apparently turned out to be a werewolf. Sounded like I had a book on my hands. Nope, but I was close. I still needed a plot, a story to toss them into and shake like some fish in cornmeal and Tony’s. If you’re from the South, you’ll get that analogy. If not, I’m sorry.


This put me to thinking. Okay, it put me to watching a Buffy marathon on TNT. Then it hit me! Rather, my wife did and told me to stop mumbling to myself, Angel was on. Back to the Eureka. I needed monster hunters! But not as the main plot, a subplot building to the conclusion of the overall story. Still, what was Mads’ and Nicholi’s story?


There was so much to choose from. How did she become a werewolf? Will she forgive Nicholi for giving her a paranormal STD? Why did Nicholi show up after so long? It had been a year since their one night stand. These questions led me to wondering about Madison’s life in general. They were well off, but what if the family business was in trouble? Now, I had something to work with!


Namely, a multilayered story about a woman who’s a werewolf and meets the one night stand who turned her into a werewolf and just so happens to be trying to buy her family business, while a group of monster hunters are trying to kill them all.


Whew, try typing that three times fast!


Summing up the epic in those words doesn’t really sum it up either. The one line that would go on to become, Were Love Blooms is the story of a romance born in Europe but fully realized in the heart of Dixie. It is also about everything I grew up being surrounded by. A book about family. A book about a small town. A book incorporating the world I know and the world living inside my head.


As I look back on the seven years since I jotted down that mind numbing line, a lot has changed. It took me three years to finally finish Were Love Blooms. Thanks to Gail Delaney, I let Madison’s story play out. She read the beginning and said that I had to finish this book. I did and Desert Breeze ultimately published it. My wife and I have survived 16 yrs of being married and are stronger for the bad times, and happier because of the good times. I’ve seen three publishers go under, and found a home with Desert Breeze. I’ve seen over 20 books published and discovered a bigger world inside my head than I thought lived there. I’ve become a grandfather. I’ve seen the world grow bigger and smaller at the same time thanks to the internet. Lastly, I’ve been able to share my imagination with others for over 7 years and met readers and authors who have become friends and family to me. In short, life has been and is good. I am truly blessed.


Were Love Blooms and the entire Southern Werewolf Chronicles aren’t just the story of two people in love. It’s the story of me growing in my craft and in the process becoming friends with the world. To those of you who have read the Southern Werewolf Chronicles, thank you for spending both your money and time for a glimpse inside my head. To those of you who haven’t, I invite you to come and read for a spell. I might be biased, but I think the price of admission is well world the ride.


 were love bloomsfrom

Desert Breeze Publishing



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other online booksellers


Wishing you a good week, and of course, happy reading!