Remembering Memorial Day

Tomorrow being Memorial Day, I thought I’d focus not on myself or any of my usual ramblings and focus on just how important tomorrow is. Tomorrow we don’t celebrate freedom, we sadly remember the cost of freedom.

Bear that in mind, as you cook out tomorrow with your family, or just spend some quiet time alone. Your God given right to do those two things was bought and paid for, not by some congressional vote, but by the lives of men and women just like me, just like you.

Those brave people put their lives on the line so I can type away night after night. So, I can go to work in the morning. So, I can worship however I want. So, I can buy comic books, or just in general be me. They did it so you can be you, too. It isn’t some selective thing. No, every single day, men and women go into places most of us wouldn’t go on a dare or for a million bucks. Why? Because, they believe with their whole being that sometimes you have to think about someone other than yourself and fight not just for what you believe in, but for what other people believe in. To me that makes our troops, our friends next door in some cases, greater than any superhero. Greater than any buffed up action hero on TV or in the movies. Greater than any character I could ever hope to write.

This week I’ve seen news stories about how pitifully these men and women have been treated, not by some foreign government but by the very organizations put in place by our government to care for them once they come home. We as a nation, as a united people, owe these heroic men and women. We owe it to them to care for them, as much as they care for our individual freedoms.

Sorry if I appear to be on a soapbox, but if you truly believe in something with your whole heart, you damned well better pull that soapbox out and stand on it. Our armed forces bleed and die so we can have this right. So exercise it for something worthwhile. Support them for being brave enough to do what you can’t.

I never served, but I have had family and friends who did. That in no right makes me anything other than someone who cares. It doesn’t make me an expert on the subject. Still, I can voice my opinion. Again, a right I owe our troops for. They put their money where their mouth is, and step up no matter the risks. That my friends is the technical definition of brave in my book.

This is why I feel so strongly about this subject. When we lose a soldier, we don’t lose a single life. No, we see entire families forever changed. Husbands don’t come home. Wives don’t come home. Parents spend the rest of their lives mourning a child they’ll never see again. Children go through life without a mother or father. All they have is the knowledge their parent died a hero. That may sound satisfying and uplifting, but I bet they’d much rather have a dad to play catch with, or a mom to tuck them in at night.

Memorial Day isn’t just a day to be off work and veg. It’s a day to remember the USA is here today because someone fought and at times died so we could be free. While we’re remembering, let’s remember those souls who come home forever changed by what they’ve seen and done to buy that freedom. War changes people. It isn’t just the body that can die. Sometimes it’s a person’s spirit, who they were and can never be again. Think on that, when you see a person who has come home from active duty. Take time to consider the toll it’s taken on them. Most importantly, respect them for doing it.

I know this isn’t what you’ve come to expect from me, but at times, you must shout about what is right. Not whisper. Not mumble because you’re afraid you might offend someone, but damned well shout, and speak your mind. Today, I do that and while I’m at it, say thank you to the families of these men and women who served this country with valor and honor so I can have that right.

Okay, I’ve had my say. Before I close out this non-giggle Giggle, I ask one favor from you. Tomorrow while you’re doing whatever you’re doing, stop and bow your head and pray not only for those who have already paid the ultimate price, but for a future where no one ever has to pay it again.

Thank you in advance.


4 thoughts on “Remembering Memorial Day

  1. Robert Adams(Big Dog) says:

    Thank You for this!!! It means the world to me and you know why!!! God Bless My Friend!!!

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