Jmo’s Every Once in a While Poetry Corner.

Last week I wanted to be an artist. Still do by the way, but along the journey to get to be 45 years of old, I happened along poetry. Yeah, I dabble in a little bit of everything. Or, I can’t decided what to do with my spare time. Take your pick. Anyway, something about the emotional investment involved with writing poetry excites me. Most of the time you’re laying yourself bare for all to see. Other times you’re just being a self serving twit. Least, I am, but what is writing if not having fun once in awhile. Today, I decided to showcase two different ends of my spectrum of poems.

This first one I wrote after watching one of my nieces playing in the yard. Something about how happy she looked captured a moment in time for me and I just in turn had to put the snapshot down on paper. Yes, this was back in the old days before fancy laptops. We actually had to use ragged notebooks and ink pens to create wonderful ideas. I still work that way, in case anyone is interested.

Well, here goes.

Silent musings,

The whisper of a child plotting forever in an instant.

Her voice, the joy found in the coming of the day.

The monsters locked away until the birth of night.

She runs free among the swaying grass.

Youth a radiant crown perched high upon her head.

Laughter, the song that announces her arrival.

She plays.

Princess for the day.

Rainbow fairies her playmates, she dances upon air.

A swirling ribbon of happiness her bestest friend.

She sees the promise of butterflies and knows no sadness.

Dreaming visions into the sky of princes,

riding upon golden beams of sunshine coming to whisk her away.

Her eyes wide with joy,

Christmas born anew each day.

She feels the dawn and is its sister.

To see her is to behold the divine truth,

that life is beautiful

and so is she.


This second one is the self serving bit. I had absorbed Dante’s Inferno before writing this, along with some heavy Lovecraft reading on the side, but I wanted to create a world in poetry. A world of darkness where the evil of this world had form and substance. Ideals became stunted reality. You get the idea. Insanity. Whatever the reason, Nevermore was born. There are more, and they do get better.


The nevermore thing

awoke from a dream

of death and suicide, 

and decided that life

was worth living

for one more second

before crawling back

into his insanity

to scream out

another day

into the world

before the dreams of consequence

took hold and wiped Ragnarok

across the head of creation,

leaving Damascus

to contemplate the

bellybutton lint

floating across the

Dark Horizon

that crowns the brow of


unto day.


That’s it for this week. It’s been awhile since I wrote this next bit, but I think today’s blog deserves it.

Another insane missive from Jmo.

Oh and happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Jmo’s Every Once in a While Poetry Corner.

  1. KR Jordan says:

    Silent Musings is everything light and bright, what God created us to be. Inspirational and vivid. Love it.

    The Nevermore Thing is that part of us that should rarely see the light. It hides in shadowy parts of our souls. Us, yet not.

    I love the darkness of it, the glimmer of hope rejected. ❤

    I'm enjoying all of these parts of your creative voice, my friend! Keep exploring. –River

  2. Beautifully done, J. Morgan. I do hope that you have given you niece a copy of that poem. She would definitely appreciate it in this time of her life.

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