Whacking Out With Jennifer Hartz

I just have to say what it an honor it is to have Jennifer and Christina on my very first Whacked out Wednesday. It’s no secret how big a fan of Jennifer’s books. They are a total blow you away ride. So, before I get all mushy, let’s have Christina take over.

Before I continue sharing my conversation with the Future Savior, Christina Vaughn, let me remind you of the two GIVEAWAYS going on right now.  At the bottom of this blog you’ll be able to enter to win 1 of 4 autographed copies of FS1: Conception.  The other contest is attached to my Couples Of Meric blog… click the link below to enter:Image


I have to thank my bestest writing buddy in all of the internet and beyond… the incomparable JMO!  First off, JMO is super awesome for letting me visit his blog today.  Secondly, he always has advice and is willing to chat when the writer’s block sets in.  Thirdly, he’s hysterically funny. And finally, he’s one topnotch writer.  Have you checked out his stuff?  Do it!  DO IT NOW!

Okay… if you didn’t get a chance to check out the first two parts of this blog be sure to do so:

PART 1: http://jenniferhartz.com/2013/08/26/interview-with-the-future-savior/

PART 2:  http://twentysomethingfictionwriter.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-future-savior-blog-tour-day-two.html

All righty then… now that you’re prepped and ready to go… on with the interview!


My mouth opens and closes like a floundering guppy as I gawk at this strange woman sitting on my couch.  She told me her name is Christina and that she is the Savior of some place called Meric, but her most recent revelation is unbelievable.Image

“You’re telling me the man you were about to marry actually killed your father?” I finally manage to ask.

“That’s right,” she replies just as cool as ever.  “Shaw was under Leticia’s mind-control powers at the time and didn’t realize what he was doing.”

“So then you were able to forgive him?”

“Eventually…” she says slowly, “…you see, I could tell there were other things that Shaw was keeping from me.  I couldn’t marry him until he came clean with all his secrets.  And they were really big secrets.” (Check out FS3: Evacuation for this story!)

“Even bigger than killing your father?”

Christina just nods and a knowing grin lights up her face.

“So what did you do after you left Shaw standing at the altar?” I ask.

“I really wanted to hide away for months, but I couldn’t.  Things needed to be done in Meric.  Leticia was moving her army and I wanted to save my brother,” she replies.

“Save your brother?  Didn’t he try to kill you on two separate occasions?”

“Yes, but I just had to try… I would regret it forever if I didn’t try to talk to him.  Convince him that he was my brother.”

“Did it work?  Were you able to convince him?  Did you join you?”

“Hold on,” she says, “I’m getting there.  Before I traveled to Leticia’s home in the south to try and talk to my brother, Charis told us that there would be a massive sign in the south.  She didn’t tell us what the sign would be, but it was to act as a beacon.  The good people of Meric would go to the Xertic Realm –”

“The Xertic Realm?” I interject.

“Oh… right… well, King Xertic is a teenager who rules over a very wealthy kingdom in the south.  That’s actually were Shaw went when I thought he had died,” Christina explains.

I nod and do a quick check on my tape recorder.  It’s still working which is awesome and I hope I can get Christina to share some of these side stories — like more info about this Xertic guy — when she’s all done explaining this major plotline.

“Anyway, we were to head to Xertic’s, but the sign would also draw all of Leticia’s troops to the south as well.  The battle of good verse evil would eventually take place in the sands of the Marle Desert.  Right in between Xertic’s lands and Leticia’s lands.  I sent out ambassadors to talk to the different people of Meric and encourage them to join us.  Several groups went out, but I was able to keep track of them with my powers.”

Image“I bet that was weird, watching people,” I comment.

“Yeah, but also very helpful.  I got to see everything that was going on.  I learned that Leticia was forcing people to burn her mark into their flesh to show their loyalty to her.  If they didn’t take the mark, they were executed.  I also got to see some interesting romances developing.  There were a few romances bubbling in my own traveling group.  Of course, Shaw and I were on the mend, but I also got to have hundreds of laughs at my friend Drexton trying to woo Beliza, the Waterkin.”  (To check out Drexton and Beliza’s story follow the link — http://jenniferhartz.com/2013/08/12/countdown-to-fs5-revelation-day-6/)

“What about Shaw’s other secrets?” I ask.

“Right… well, we visited Bristol Fortress where the two Guardians Malcolm and Aladonna lived for a time.  While we were there, Shaw revealed that he was actually Malcolm and Aladonna’s son.”

“Whoa!  So Shaw was a Guardian too!”

“Exactly, he has a whole host of powers that he had been hiding for close to a century.  But now that everything was running full steam to the end, he decided it was time to show his true identity and start using his powers to their fullest.”

“Unbelievable…” I gape at her for a moment and then catch my bearings enough to ask another question.  “Were you able to make it to Leticia’s home and talk to Rayliex?”

Christina nods.  “Yes.  And I actually convinced him that we were brother and sister.  The bad news is that I didn’t get a chance to really talk to him about it.  Leticia burst in and started using her powers on us.  She tried to get us all to kill each other.  She even tried to get us to kill her own son.  In the end Charis showed up.  She used her powers to whisk Shaw, Rayliex and me through time.  She saved our lives, but sent us to a place I would have never expected.”

“What was the place?” I asked, leaning forward right on the edge of my seat.

Christina opens her mouth to answer me, but she is immediately interrupted by the clicking of my tape recorder.  I need to change the tap… unbelievable!

To be continued on Thursday, August 29th at the blog of Crystal Gomes (Just Another Book Lovin’ Girl) … Click the link below:


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One thought on “Whacking Out With Jennifer Hartz

  1. Your series sounds really great to read, Jennifer. I have been expanding my reading genres lately and don’t want to miss yours. It’s fun getting to know you and your characters.

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