Interview with a Superhero Muse


It is I, Jmo’s evil cone Dark Jmo, again taking over his blog for my nefarious schemes. What else could I do when I heard he had created his own super hero to battle me? I couldn’t very well have that happening. It would seriously mess with my plans for world domination. Nope, that wouldn’t work at all! Especially since he has enlisted an Egyptian deity to thwart my machinations. So, to that end, I’ve sealed him in a giant action figure box. I did all the artwork myself. Doesn’t it look snazzy?

But, I digress. So, what am I going to do about this hero of his? Using my Scottian transportation device, I will simply snag Jmo’s hero from whatever timestream he might be existing within and trap him here in my Giant Gerbil Ball of Death! Brahahwahwahwawhawa!

Now, let my evil unfold. Feel free to insert a bunch of dastardly evil genius stuff here ending with me pushing yonder red button to activate my device. Voila, there he is, trapped like… Well, a gerbil!

Dark Jmo: You’re not Horus! You’re some… Some teenager! Be well warned I will not brook any drooping pants or the least sign of underwear. I will not have it! Now, who are you?

Patrick Michael: I am your worst nightmare, Patrick Michael!

Dark Jmo: So, you’re the inspiration for my clone’s character in Scrolls of Eternity: Rebirth. Hmmm. How exactly did that come about?

Patrick Michael: I have no idea how I became the hero, but I like it.

Dark Jmo: Is this the first time you’ve been forced to wield a cosmic power? And, how do you feel about that? I mean does it tickle in the least when you Shazam into another person?

Patrick Michael: It is my first time with cosmic powers. It’s awesome though. I can fly, shoot lasers from my hands, and I have super strength. But, I haven’t Shazamed someone yet.

Dark Jmo: Okay, so what is this Scrolls of Eternity all about? Does evil triumph in the end? I do like stories where evil triumphs in the end, but it so rarely happens.

Patrick Michael: Sadly (for you), evil did not win (again) because of my awesome powers. Oh, and an awesome writer. I didn’t want my powers at first, then my family was in danger, so I didn’t have a choice. No one messes with my family.

Dark Jmo: Nope, not my type of story in the least. To distract me from the sad ending, tell me what super power you wish you had on a permanent basis.

Patrick Michael: Hmmmmm… super strength sure would help with gym class… and if I could fly I could fly to Hawaii… I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Dark Jmo: According to this website blurb, you were the cover model for this comic book travesty. How did you like all that heroic posing? Was it fun? Did it make you tickle? The hot lights must have damaged your tender flesh. Please say that it did.

Patrick Michael: The lights were hot, but I’ll live. Posing was very, very, very frustrating and I don’t want to be posing until the next book. Although, I can say to my friends that I am a cover model. How many can say that?


Dark Jmo: Yes, yes…they must be quite envious of your Calvin Kleiness. Still, it isn’t enough to satisfy my Lokian nature. All this non-evilness is beginning to bore me. Since this is degrading into an episode of Oprah, what is the one thing you hope young readers will come away with after finishing this fictionalized account of your life?

Patrick Michael: Ummm… entertainment? I can’t think of something emotional. As long as people like what they read, I’m fine with that. I have no idea what the writer would want readers to think.

Jmo: If I wasn’t tied up and shoved into this giant action figure box, I’d want readers to come away with a sense that good always beats evil, and that growing up isn’t so hard as long as you have friends and family standing beside you.

Dark Jmo: Hesh it, you goodie goodie, before you ruin your mint-in-box status. All this consorting with heroes is upsetting my digestion. I think I need a nap, but before I go, I would like to thank my kidnap victim for being a good sport. Don’t worry, Mr. High and Mighty Superhero, the gerbil ball will dissolve in an hour or so. Until it does, feel free to roll it around the room. While you do that, I will make an amazingly inventive getaway. The rest of you folks out there reading this blog, you will stare into my hypnotic glare. Yes, this Scrolls of Eternity is the book you’ve been dying to read. You will click off this window immediately using one of the links below and buy multiple copies for yourself and your friends.

Now, I must make that highly inventive getaway. Look! Elvis. And, I’m out of here. Come back next when Jmo will bore you with his inane diatribes. If he is able to free himself from my Mint-in-Box of Doom! Brahwahwawawawa!

Jmo: Sorry about that, guys. You know how evil clones are. Still, if any of you were caught up in that hypnotic stare, here are the links Dark Jmo was talking about and have an amazing week!

Desert Breeze Publishing


Barnes and Noble


One thought on “Interview with a Superhero Muse

  1. This is such a great story…one of your best. It would be great to have copies in all high school libraries. Best of luck as always with your sales. Hoping there are a lot more stories with this young super hero.

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