Heroes of Jennifer Hartz!


“This Blog is mine!”


Yes, I Victor Von Jmo have taken over this blog in my bid for total world domination. Since I am J. Morgan’s clone half-brother’s sister’s aunt’s twice removed robot slave, you will understand if I employ a little nepotism in this venture. Besides, Jmo is in the middle of an edit induced nervous breakdown and will never notice that I, Victor Von Jmo, have fiddled with his air time.


But, how will I take over the world, you may be asking yourself. Well, none of your business. All you need to know is that I have kidnapped the ultimate icon of comic books. Yes, Stan Lee is under that hood. See, for yourself. Insert comic panel depicting me flamboyantly ripping off said hood. Get Jim Lee or George Perez to draw it.


Wait! That’s not Stan Lee. For one thing this person has female lady bits.


Victor Von Jmo: Person, who are you?


Jennifer Hartz: Hahaha!  Well, hello there Victor Von Jmo.  My name is Jennifer Hartz


Victor Von Jmo: I have heard of thee. You are the famed author of the Future Savior Series and the just released Heroes of the Horde. I profess to have read both and been totally amazed by them, but that will not save you from my wrath! Well, unless you agree to tell all those people out there a little about the Horde. If you don’t, I will be forced to tickle you mercilessly with a toilet brush of dubious origins.


Jennifer Hartz: Ummm… eww… I’d like to avoid the questionable stains on that toilet brush so I’ll answer your queries. The best way for me to describe Heroes of the Horde is to give you the novel’s blurb… It pretty much sums it up: 


Six mismatched students at Deacon Proprietary are about to discover the demonic legend of their school’s origin is actually true. Not only have they obtained amazing powers, but they’ve also unleashed the demonic Horde. Now it’s up to these six high school freshmen to stop the Horde before its evil spreads throughout the school and beyond.


So they’re a group of high school freshmen who become overnight superheroes equipped with powers to fight the demonic Horde.



Victor Von Jmo: Very nice blurb. I will force you to write my blurb to let the world know I am its sole ruler. But first, what inspired you to delve into the Superhero genre, instead of writing a good old fashioned misunderstood villain story?


Jennifer Hartz: Heroes of the Horde stems from my love of comic icons and Superheroes.  I grew up a big fan of The X-Men.  Plus as a former teacher, I have a grand fondness for teenage angst and drama.  It only made sense to combine these two.


Victor Von Jmo: I must say I fell in love with the teen drama dynamic between your so-called heroes. How hard was it for you to dip into the teenage mind to create such believable characters? I do love Maggie the best.


Jennifer Hartz: That’s an easy answer… I never matured past the age of 16!  Seriously though, I have a few things I actually believe I’m very good at.  One of them is my ability to relate to teenagers.  I like working with teens, which is the only thing I truly miss about teaching.  Writing teens is super easy for me.


Victor Von Jmo: Jmo never matured past third grade, but alas I digress. As I said before, I read the Future Savior series, and loved it. How did you prepare yourself mentally to go from the fall flung future to a Young Adult series? And, what can we expect from the next Future Savior book? Remember your ticklish bits depend on your answer!


Jennifer Hartz: Oh The FS Series… it will always be my favorite because I combined everything I love into one epic tale.  Future Savior Book 5: Revelation will be released on September 1st and I must say it is by far, hands down, no questions asked, my favorite of the entire series.  All loose ends are tied up and I’m hoping people will shed a few tears by the end.


Victor Von Jmo: Tears! I do not deal well with emotional outbursts. Where is that brush. Never mind, I have world dominating things to do and since you’re not Stan Lee, now I must go find him. So, while you attempt to undo your bonds, feel free to entertain my purloined readers with an excerpt from your misguided tale of Superheroes. I’m certain they will enjoy it. Consider it a gift from their soon to be World Dictator for Life Victor Von Jmo!  Oh and don’t forget to include those pesky links so they can purchase these delightful books of yours and anything else they might need to know. Not to become rabid fans mind you, but ardent stalkers of the highest order.


Jennifer Hartz: Thanks so much for kidnapping me today Victor Von Jmo!  Here’s an excerpt from Heroes of the Horde One: Unleashed…


“Anybody got any bright ideas?” Mike mutters, his voice almost comical. I glance over at him and discover he’s levitating about a foot off the ground.

A shiver races through my body. It’s freezing out here, but I don’t think that’s what caused the shiver. I’m pretty sure the fact the six of us are standing here getting ready to fight a demon has more to do with it than the temperature.

Those powers belong to us, a horrific voice says in my head. The demon.

“The demon just said, ‘Those powers belong to us,'” I tell the others.

The demon snaps its beady eyes in my direction, snarls, and lunges at me.

Mike hooks my elbow with his arm, and my feet leave the ground as he jumps us high in the air. Cooper and Jimmy rush forward. Jimmy holds his hand ready to sauté the demon again, but Cooper gets there first. He lowers his shoulder at the charging demon. The demon crashes into him, and it goes careening backward about ten feet before slamming into the hood of a car parked in the teacher’s parking lot.

“How do we kill a demon?” Caitlyn yells.

“No clue,” Jimmy responds.

The demon is up again. It jumps at Mike and me in the air. The creature can’t levitate like Mike, but it jumps far higher and farther than any human. Its claw-like hand encircles my ankle and yanks me toward the ground, right out of Mike’s grasp.

I slam hard into the ground, the demon on top of me. Pain from the impact courses through my hip and shoulder. Then a new pain engulfs me. The demon bites into my shoulder. I scream out and tears swim in my eyes.

“Shelly!” Cooper yells. He grabs the demon off of me and, using his super strength, hurls it into the car again.

My shoulder throbs and I can feel blood seeping from the wound, but Maggie helps me to my feet. I look at her and see nothing but fear in her slanted brown eyes.

“You okay?” Mike asks me, landing directly beside Maggie.

“I think so,” I reply. My shoulder feels a lot worse than it looks. The skin is punctured in quite a few places, oozing blood, but you can’t tell it is a bite mark. It looks like I was stabbed a few times with a wide tined fork.

“We need to figure something out,” Caitlyn says, edging alongside Mike.

“I could try to burn it to death?” Jimmy suggests. He moves next to Caitlyn.

“I don’t know if that will kill it,” I say, “but it might slow it down.” The six of us are standing in a semi-circle again. Shoulder to shoulder. Almost like a team.



Jennifer Hartz’s links:

Future Savior Series 1: Conception – http://www.amazon.com/Future-Savior-Book-One-ebook/dp/B0041HXOUG/ref=pd_sim_kstore_4



Victor Von Jmo: Now go forth my minions and follow yonder links. Or, you shall pay! Well, pay for her books. I will not charge you for the subjugation to come.


Oooppsss. It would appear Jmo has finished with his potty visit and doesn’t look happy to see me.  Must dash. Thanks to Jennifer for being my Gwen Stacy and come back next week when Jmo will once again own this blog space.


Jmo, put down that toilet brush! I know where it’s been!





8 thoughts on “Heroes of Jennifer Hartz!

  1. Thanks for having me JMO… or should I say: Thanks for kidnapping me JMO’s clone half-brother’s sister’s aunt’s twice removed robot slave!

  2. Lisa Bergren says:

    Sounds so good! Loved the excerpt and am a huge fan of X-Men! Adding to summer reading list…

    • You won’t be disappointed, Lisa. Even though, I am more villainous in my reading demands, Jennifer’s heroes are quite enchanting in their own do gooder way.

  3. WOW this is a fun interview and Jennifer’s story sounds interesting. Fun meeting Victor and hear his opinions on this topic.

    Good luck, Jennifer, with your book. Great cover, too!

  4. Jillian says:

    love the blurb and excerpt. Sounds like a great read! Enjoyed the post as always.

  5. I can see I need to start following the super heroes. I must be falling far behind what is going on around me. It does sound like a fun story to write. My heroes up to this point have been cowboys and Highlanders. Time to branch out. Thanks for the heads up.

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