Star Wars Rules! Read this blog or the Dog gets it, Fett style



We interrupt this regularly scheduled Comedy Blog Series for an important announcement.


Star Wars is better than Star Trek!


Feel free to quote me on that, but before you change to some other blog expecting another insane rant on this controversial subject, let me digress a bit. Because this isn’t a rant. Rather it is at its heart a discourse on ideologies. That might sound strange to you but that’s how I see this long fought over subject. I am somewhat an expert on the subject, so bear with me.


I live in a house divided. Little did I know when I got married that this die-hard rabid Star Wars addict had unknowingly married a Trekkie– Trekker? Whatever they call themselves. I just know I married one. I freely admit to liking Star Trek. Like most people of my generation, I grew up watching reruns before becoming enamored of the many spin-off series that came about because of the movie franchise. Let’s face it. If you love Science Fiction, before the age of VHS and DVD, the television was your only place to get a fix. For the most part, Star Trek was only your fix.


That said, I love Star Wars.


But, why is there such a division between fans? Why do we find ourselves on different sides of the Neutral Zone on this subject? Like I said, it all comes down to ideologies.


At its core, Star Trek is about man’s ability to rise above our natures and achieve anything once we put our minds to it. Trek is also about seeing our fellow man as equals. The series taught a generation that color, religion, and birthplaces weren’t reasons for hate. It showed us that the path of war leads only to ultimate destruction. Gene Rodenberry gave us a future we could find hope in, because it offers something more. It offers us all that we can be. Should be, free of our hate, prejudices, and a million other things that hold us back from finding peace amongst ourselves.


Okay, that sounds like some awesome reasons to totally jump on the Star Trek bandwagon. And, it does. I love Star Trek for the worlds it opened up for me. I look forward to that future for my grandchildren and their children. I pray for it on their behalf. I just know humanity well enough to doubt it ever happens.


Star Wars is the opposite side of this coin of Science Fiction Duology. Star Wars is about understanding that something greater governs our actions. Some divine will that we are all a part of. Lucas also plugged into something primal that everyone can understand. The eternal struggle between good and evil, where there can be no light without the dark to balance it. George Lucas tapped into the consciousness of our belief systems to construct a world where this struggle is never ending. Evil will rise, but good will always come to challenge it. This is a story that is timeless and resonates with humanity because we get it. All our varied mythologies address the concept. It has for thousands of years. Star Wars might not have had the social impact has had on us as Star Trek has, but it speaks not of us as physical beings, but to us on a spiritual level.


Star Wars’ devotees understand that we are in a constant struggle with our dark sides. We strive for the light, but fall under the weight of our own temptations. We can empathize with Anakin Skywalker’s battle with himself, because daily we fight that same fight to do what is right in the face of our own selfish desires. Lucas shows us that there is a greater purpose. A greater power. A truth if you will. What we do as an individual affects more than just us. We are part of a vast universe. Our personal power combines with it. Whether it is the Force, God, or whatever you personally believe, we are part of the organism that is this world. Only through understanding our role in this and submitting to it can we know what it means to be part of something much more profound than a singular existence.


Plus, Star Wars is just plain more fun than Star Trek. Trek has a seriousness to it. Star Wars is about adventure. A rogue with a heart of gold. A young man thrust into the role of the hero he always wanted to be. A princess not really in need of saving. A giant teddy bear that can rip your arms off. An all knowing droid and his clueless companion. A dark knight in need of salvation. Best of all! The baddest man in the galaxy, the Fett himself Boba. There is literally something for everyone to fall in love with.


Sure, many knock the prequels, but taken in context and as a whole, the story captivates you and draws you in to the deeper meanings behind what you see. It could truly be the story of our times in many ways. Like Trek, the Wars gives us an allegorical view of us as a people and the truths we cling too.


That said. I see nothing wrong with being a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, as long as you’re a fan of Science Fiction. Out of every genre, I honestly believe Science Fiction is the best. Not because of space ships, aliens or really cool swords, but because of what these two examples of it convey so well. There is a future — or in Star Wars’ case, a long time ago — and it is one filled with the hope that humanity can be better than itself. As long as you cling to that hope, there is a chance of that future coming true.


Before I leave you, there are several movies and documentaries out there about this eternal struggle between Trek and Wars. If you would love to see the best I have watched, check out Fanboys. It is two things I love, funny and proves once and for all that Star Wars is better than Star Trek.


Until next week, where I may or may not return to Jmo’s Comedy-o-rama,

Live Long and May the Force be with You,



9 thoughts on “Star Wars Rules! Read this blog or the Dog gets it, Fett style

  1. I am inclined to answer simply to say I love both. I love Star Wars for the hope in something greater. And I love Star Trek for the hope in mankind and our ability to make ourselves better. I love the lightness married with a message in Star Wars, and the seriousness of the message in Star Trek.

    I take neither side. By choice. I love many Sci Fi genres for different reasons. Star Trek. Star Wars. Star Gate. Farscape. Firefly. Doctor Who (to a degree).

  2. Jillian says:

    I’m a Force girl. All the way.

  3. As someone who has never entered either world, I found your explanation of why these two worlds captivate people and have lasted as long as they have. I may have to rethink my life and watch to see what has so captivated you and Jenn. I may be delightfully surprised.

  4. Blue Shirts Are Sexy says:

    The entire point is that those overblown, prequels made Anthony and Cleopatra look a like small indi film. They were out of order, which clicks the one and only thing I’ve got OCD about–reading or watching a series in order. I’ll never forgive that big fat fart for dealing me massive freakin retroactive spoilers with his cinematic masturbation because he can’t quit tinkering with the one thing, even I’ll admit he got right. I know vintage Harrison Ford is quite a temptation, but enough already.

    The Trek franchise from the very beginning took risks, boldly going where Lucas doesn’t know to go…forward, therefore it ultimately wins.

    I find your, and other loyal nerds’ love of re-edited, rehashed, retread material, fascinating, but ultimately, illogical.
    Live long and prosper, Darth Hick.

    • Both have their places in the SciFi lexicon. I agree Lucas needs to leave well enough alone. The Blue Ray edition of Jedi seriously irked me. The Special Editions I could deal with. It contained material that technology hadn’t caught up with. After that, it should have been a done deal. The prequels were an exercise in over acting. I’ll freely admit that.

      Trek did go boldly and that is why it’s place is well cemented in our lives. It had some of the finest authors of its time writing episodes that remain some of the best of the genre or any genre for showcasing the faults within our society in such a way it taught without hitting us over the head with it. That is the reason Star Trek deserves recognition for teaching a entire generation how to be better human beings. For the most part, it succeeded.

  5. Dude, I Am Your Wife says:

    As long as you admit it Lucas is cashing in on your Scruffy Nerd Herder loyalty, I’ll concede that the Star Wars of our childhood was pretty awesome, especially Han Solo. *coughhadacrushcough* I’ll reserve judgement on the potential crap show JJ may or may not make of the reboots. Seriously he can’t do worse than Jarjar.

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