Crazy to Begin With


As an author, I think insanity is a given. You have to be crazy to live inside your head, then decide to let those inner dreams become reality with the written–typed?–word. I’m not sure how I jumped from casual dreamer to an author. Like most things in life, it just happened. Now, writing isn’t so much a vocation as an addiction.

Yeah, addiction pretty much sums it up. Why? Because, since I started, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t written something. It might have only been a line or paragraph, but something has jumped from my head to either a screen or a slip of paper. I confused friends and coworkers talking about characters like they’re real people. Believe me, when you start talking about so and so shoving a stake into you know that guy, heads will turn. I’m surprised someone hasn’t shoved me into a comfy psych ward. Once the people around you realize you’re an author, they let you slide. Writing is an insanity they can ignore. Being from the South, being eccentric is a required past time.

So what do I write?

I write comedies, usually of the Paranormal variety with a whole lot of Romance thrown in just to make sure I got my bases covered. What can I say? I like things that go bump in the night and a healthy dose of romance to make everybody go awww Since, I’ve been at this for a few years, you could say I’ve gotten good at making people laugh, or I just don’t know when to quit. Both are good things, if you ask me.

Why do I write?

To give people an escape from the real world. Talk about driving you crazy. The real world will do it every time. People need to get away from the daily grind. Whether with a movie, TV show, or movie, humanity knows instinctively they need to recharge with whatever medium makes them happiest. For me it’s Books, but I’m not adverse to taking whatever I can get. If I, as a writer, can give a reader a few hours of forgetfulness, then I’ve done my job.

So, what do I have?

At the moment, I’m working on three series. Love Bites/¬† Bite Marks, which is my foray into the world of Vampires, again with a comedic twist. The Love Bites world is a mixture of Romance, Comedy and High Adventure. Dare I say a roller coaster that will leave you wobbly in the knees before the last page. Okay, I’ll go ahead and say it.

Secondly, I have The Southern Werewolf Chronicles. This trilogy is Romance at its Southern Finest. Image small town life with some fur thrown in. Go ahead, you can do it. Close your eyes. There was that so hard?

Lastly, I have Amor Immorati, an Urban Fantasy series that takes you from the heart of Fairy to the mean streets of New Orleans and beyond. If you like Immortal warriors, Vampires looking to reclaim  their souls, or men with the bodies of a beast and the heart of a teddy bear, these books will satisfy your thirst for the darker corners of the Romance World.

What else do I have?

Well, you never know what I have up my sleeve.

Like I said, to be an author you have to be crazy to begin with. It is just my hope that crazy is just what you’ve been looking for.